a cheap break to Athens, Greece


In Greece, and respectively in Athens, there are very many motorcycles. Mostly young people drive them. One could see them everywhere. It seems the fastest way to move in a city like this. If you are driving a car, you should be prepared to wait for hours in the traffic jams and look the backs of the motormen, I guess with a little envy.

the gardens and ruins of Athens

the gardens of the ruins of Athens

Another famous place is Exarchia square. More than 10 years ago it used to be the place where the anarchists gathered. I remember that during one of my first visits to Greece, I watched there “Schindler’s List” in open air. There were many young people around me. All of them were just shaken by the story. They didn’t look like anarchists at all.

The Oktoberfest Festival and good food in Germany

What you should know about the beer in Munich is that there are plenty of beer types.

Most popular maybe are Helles and Dunkles. In order to try and choose your favorite type, you should go to a beerhall and see for yourself.

Oktoberfest festival germany

a gentleman enjoying himself at the beer festival

So, depending on your preferences, you must either go to Munich during the opera season, or during the Oktoberfest and in both cases you will enjoy tremendously.

Munich is a city to remember, so take your time and “mach Spass”!

One of the most popular places to eat in Munich is Hofbrauhaus.

This traditional restaurant is more than 100 years old and can accommodate about 2000 people.

The beer is served there at steins each of which contains one litter. Among the popular dishes are Schweinsbraten mit Kruste which is actually pork meat and crust, and Speckkrautsalat – salad with bacon and cabbage.

One thing to have in mind when you order is that the quantity they serve you is enormous.

Dubai is the home to the tallest building in the world

For cheap holidays Dubai you may want to consider travelling with a group so you can rent an apartment and stay together, thereby saving costs. If you don’t want to join a group, there are cheap 2 star hotels that offer good quality services; just scout for them through your travel agent or do it yourself online. It is advisable that wherever you choose to stay be close to the places you plan to visit. Also rent a car in advance as it is a cheaper way to get around in Dubai, taxis are rather expensive. Also to enjoy cheap holidays Dubai, make a budget especially if you love to shop or else you may run into trouble with your pocket. During the summer months in Dubai- May to September- the weather can be very hot thereby making it the off-peak tourist season. Also due to restrictions on eating, drinking and smoking in public places during Ramadan (the Muslim fasting period) lots of tourists prefer to stay away from Dubai and to encourage tourists, hotel rates drop during this period. You may want to plan your holiday to fall within this period to reduce costs for you.

Getting to Dubai is not difficult as about eighty airlines land at the Dubai International airport daily, including Emirates. Compare cheap flights before you book your flight; you can do this online and ensure you check for hidden costs when making comparison.

Barcelona has a Mediterranean climate

Barcelona has a Mediterranean climate with not very dry, but warm summers. Winter is not as harsh as in other European cities, with the temperature dropping to -2 °F in the coldest January nights. The warmest months are the summer months of July to September. If there is anything I love the most about this place, it is the wonderful sunshine.

At last count, there were at least 68 parks in the city proper, including botanical, historic, urban and forest parks. Urban parks alone are spread over a tenth of the city’s land area. The largest and most popular parks are the Montjïuc, Ciutadella, Diagonal mar, Labyrinth Park, Guinardo Park, Nou Barris Central Park, Park Guell, Oreneta Castle Park and the Can Drago Sports Park. The Labyrinth Park is popular for its garden which is, well, more of a labyrinth.

The seven beaches in Barcelona have a combined coastline of about 4.5 kilometers. Five of these, namely Llevant, Mar Bella, Nova Mar Bella, Nova Icaria, and Bogatell were created during the 1992 Summer Olympics. The other two, Sant Sebastia and Barceloneta are the largest and witnessed the largest number of visitors, with the latter being is acclaimed as one of the best worldwide.

From the budgetary angle, August is the about the best time of the year to hangout in Barcelona. A good number of the locals seize the opportunity to close shop and go on vacations. Hotels usually lower their rates during this period and so do airlines. It is the best time to secure cheap flights Barcelona, and indeed cheap flights around the country. Not only can you board cheap flights Barcelona in the month of August, but you can also buy a number of items at reduced prices. Your best bet on obtaining cheap flights is Ryanair.

the cuisine of the culture of Greece

There are very interesting “hidden treasures” in the Greek capital but you have to have a friend there.

cafe restaurent in Athens

eating out at a cafe in Athens

One evening my friends told me that we were going to the place with best wine in Athens. I expected an expensive nice looking restaurant. I was amazed when we stopped in front of a building which looked like any other building around. There was not even an inscription “restaurant”.

We entered and I saw about 15 tables, all of them full. One of the walls was decorated with barrels which, as I understood, were full of wine. There was just one waiter. When a table got free, we sat, he came and instead of table-cloth, he put a large sheet of wrapping paper on the table.

It appeared there was no menu at all. The only thing the “restaurant” offered was grilled meat and red wine. We were served fast. Then I tasted the wine. It was fantastic!

fall in love with the city of Munich, Germany


Germany is a country with a lot of faces. If you go to Berlin, you will see one of them, Frankfurt with its skyscrapers is offering another, in Dresden you will feel like in a baroque palace for its museums are really outstanding.

If you really want to fall in love with Germany, you better go to Munich.

The German city of Munich

A view of the Munich city

You will love Munich and it will love you back, for its motto is “Munich loves you”.

Munich is the third largest city in Germany and maybe the city with the greatest number of historical buildings there. Its architecture is very impressive.

At the very center of the city there are the famous Marienplatz and the Marian column. Three gates – remains from a medieval fortification are raising next.

The oldest church is Peterskirche, but the most popular is Frauenkirche (meaning women’s church). Something that you must see is the Residenz palace complex.

It is one of the most famous European museums for interior decoration.

See the old town in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

In addition, there are ancient remains inside the Old town.

The most famous is the Antique theatre built around 2nd century during the reign of the emperor Trajan.  It is located on the highest place of the Old town.

They organize a Verdi festival there every summer.

In the center of Plovdiv is partly unveiled a Roman stadium. It was dated from the 2nd century. It is considered that it housed 30 000 people who came to watch gladiators’ fights.

The Plovdiv ancient Church

outside view of The Plovdiv ancient Church

There are many things to see in Plovdiv but the best you could do is just walk around the Old town.

You can have a cup of coffee at the cafeteria located next to the Antique theatre and have a dinner at “Puldin” – maybe the best restaurant in Plovdiv, where you can enjoy live classical performance during your meal.

And if it happens that you have more time, go to the Ethnographic Museum or the Museum of History where you will learn many interesting facts about Plovdiv and Bulgaria in general.

Plovdiv is also very close to Pamporovo ski resort, so if you come in winter, you can combine your visit.

The old town views of Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Plovdiv is the second biggest city in Bulgaria. It is home of two International fairs – one during spring and the other one – in autumn.

Plovdiv Bulgaria

the views of the city of Plovdiv

Plovdiv is also one of the oldest European cities. It exists since 6000 BC.

During its history, the city was home to the Thracians and much later, in 342 BC it was captured by Philip II of Macedonia, the father of Alexander the Great.

Later on the Romans took it over and during the Middle Ages the Ottoman Empire conquered it.

What Plovdiv is most famous today with is its Old town.

The Old town is a special part of Plovdiv where old houses from the Revival period are preserved.

They are built in a specific way and are known in architecture as “Plovdiv houses”.

When you enter the Old town you get into a completely different atmosphere, just as if you are 100 years back in time.

All the streets are covered with cobbles, there are beautiful colour houses from both sides, many nice restaurants offering traditional cuisine and some remarkable old churches with nice frescoes.

People from all over the world are coming to feel that atmosphere and experience something new.

why not take a city break to Munich, Germany

Don’t go to Munich if you are not an opera lover.

Munich opera is located at the National Theatre Munich. There you can admire excellent opera and ballet performances.

And as in each good opera house, during the intermission you will be served a glass of champanized wine to really enjoy the performance.

After all, opera is a little bit different than the cinema, isn’t it? When we talk about champagne, Germans have a funny saying.

Munich city views

the german city of Munich

In German, the type of wine that corresponds to the champagne or the champanized wine is called Sekt, as champagne of course is produced only in the Champagne region in France.

So, they say: “do you know what the difference is between the first class and the economy class in the plane?” The answer is:”You get Sekt in economy class, and champagne in first class.”

In the opera house, provided that you can afford it, you can taste real champagne. They say Crystal champagne is one of the best.

Most people either fly to Munich after looking for Cheapest Holidays Munich or go there by train. Many land at Munich airport, where it is not as big as the Frankfurt airports, but is located around  40 km from the center of the city.– there are many international trains passing through Munich from all over Europe.

The central rail station is located in the very city center which I found very comfortable and convienient.

Ancient culture of Bulgaria, visit Plovdiv


If you have decided to visit Bulgaria, you are maybe considering its capital – Sofia or the Valley of the Roses.

Plovdiv Bulgaria

The town of Plovdiv, Bulgaria

If you are interested in ancient culture, you must be after the Valley of the Thracian Kings and you are curious to see the many Thracian tombs that Bulgaria is famous with.

Of course, as every country which is rich with culture and history, Bulgaria can offer much more. In fact one of the loveliest cities in Bulgaria is Plovdiv.

Plovdiv is situated at about 150 km from Sofia and is connected to the capital by a highway. You may well travel the distance between the two cities for about an hour and a half.

The travel is fast and safe. There are many places to stop should you wish to have a cup of coffee or a sandwich.